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Longueville House Hot Cider

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Hot Apple Cider
Hot Cider Recipe:
This recipe is for 1 bottle of Longueville House Cider which will make enough for 2 to 3 people.
List of Ingredients:
 1 bottle of our Longueville House Cider
 The juice of half an orange
 2 slices of orange
 a shaving of nutmeg
 3 cloves
 half a stick of cinnamon
 brown sugar or elderflower cordial or honey to taste
 a dash of Longueville House Brandy
In a heavy based pot empty the bottle of Longueville House Cider, place the pot on a low heat, add your spices (alternatively you can also use a mulled cider spice T-bag) and the slices of orange, let the contents heat slowly, when the mulled cider is beginning to heat, taste and sweeten to your required taste with brown sugar or elderflower cordial or honey, let the pot continue to heat and mull slowly but do not bring to boil. When the mulled cider is hot enough, taste again and adjust sweetness accordingly, take the pot off the heat and then add the juice of half an orange and a good dash of Longueville House Brandy, taste again and make any final sweetness adjustments.
Fill into heat proof glasses and enjoy.
Adding the brandy at the end will just make the mulled Cider a little bit more luxurious. You can also make this recipe with our” Longueville Mor”.

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