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Case of 1/2 & 1/2 of Longueville House Cider's


Longueville House Cider is 100% Natural, Medium Dry Artisan Cider (ABV: 5.5%) containing no artificial sweeteners, additives, colouring's or preservatives. The result is a medium dry cider with a rich amber colour.

Longueville Mor Cider is our Longueville House Cider fermented & aged in our Longueville House Apple Brandy casks (ABV: 8%) a really delicious cider with more body, more taste, more character, mor by name more by nature.....

Both are best drunk well chilled with no ice & is an ideal accompaniment to fish & meat. Producer – William O Callaghan

6 Longueville House Cider & 6 Longueville Mór - 12 Bottles in a Case. 

Please Note - Shipping within the island of Ireland only.

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